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  • GD:

    You made the turn! Hashtag dope. Hashtag swag.

  • CL:

    Like, in the next 200 metres, um, like, turn left, you know?

  • Dara:

    WHASSAP! We gotta make that turn soon! Nolza!!!

  • Seungri:

    This is real Seungri's voice! Trust me!

  • Hwangssabu:

    Yo ~ Why don't you stop the car and get some exercise? 40 minutes. Running.

  • Bom:

    Let's get some corn instead.

  • YG:

    Yah! The estimated time of arrival is 5 minutes... Your destination has been postponed to 10 minutes from now. Actually, due to poor planning, your destination arrival time has been postponed indefinitely.